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RHE is established in Spain and we have branch in Algeria. We manufacture Solar solutions since year 2000. We offer high efficiency and big daily running time. Absolutly efficiency and running time are parameters over all. This is what we did when we designed our Photovoltaic Technology. For lowering cost of Solar solutions we should certainly increase running time. Since year 2003 we made several improvements. As result efficiency is 45% higher and daily running hours over than 8h. We definitly embed this technology in all our Solar solutions.

Photovoltaic solutions are for water lifting, lighting, electricity generation and for cooking. There are three famillies of solar water pumps. We cover drillings depths up to 500m and daily water flow up to 5000m3.

We offer Photovoltaic electricity generators. Power range is up to 100 kW. These modules are for isolated and tied to grid sites. It is modular and with several modules we can build big solar farms. We have two types of integration levels. Integration 5 reduce installation space requested by five. We offer solar solutions for area with Dust. RHE´s Dust free solar panels do not need cleaning for life. In this web site you shall also discover more Solar solutions from RHE.

Therefore absolutly you can cancel your water and electricity bills and save our Blue Planete! 

Please enjoy your visit. Then let us know about your projects.

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